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  • Mar Romera

    · Mar Romera ·

    Emotional Intelligence Specialist. President of the Francesco Tonucci Pedagogical Association (APFRATO).

  • Paloma Gutiérrez

    · Paloma Gutiérrez ·

    Speech therapist specializing in language and communication disorders. Active researcher and author of the Logo-Bits Method.

  • José Antonio Fernández Bravo

    · José Antonio Fernández Bravo ·

    Expert in neurodidactics for mathematics education. Writer, teacher, trainer, researcher and university professor. Collaborator in the Department of Early Childhood and Inclusive Education of UNESCO.

  • Claire-Lise Goasguen

    · Claire-Lise Goasguen ·

    Speech therapist specializing in French language and communication disorders.

  • Araceli Oñate

    · Araceli Oñate ·

    Bullying Specialist. Co-author with Iñaki Piñuel of the Cisneros VII Report "Violence and Bullying in Schools".

  • José Ángel Murcia

    · José Ángel Murcia ·

    Mathematician, university professor and specialist in teacher training. 2012 Blogs Award for the Best Education Blog.

Adapted Games for Learning by Playing

At Akros we know how important it is for parents, teachers and education specialists to ensure that children learn in a fun, simple, enjoyable and motivating way. And we know it's not easy to find games that meet those characteristics: teaching and having fun at the same time.

Children need games that spark their interest and allow them to develop creativity and imagination. Games have to help them to know and understand the world around them, but not only through reason. Experiencing through the senses, being able to understand and feel different emotions, being able to associate and transfer what has been learned from one area to another of knowledge... It is also learning. The most significant learning occurs when the positive skills, resources and emotions of the youngest children are put into action. The way in which each child learns is different and therefore the games have to be adapted to the different characteristics of each one.

We strive to get our games to help them develop their abilities, enhance their skills, and allow them to learn what is hardest for them. We have games to improve speech and pronunciation, to learn to read, to enhance memory and attention, to increase autonomy, to promote good nutrition, to educate in values, and to develop the senses... Games to turn the youngest children into great people.

Educational Games to learn from your capabilities

We believe that the future depends on children and from Akros we feel responsible for bringing play and learning to all of them. We believe in children who are capable, capable of learning, capable of feeling, able to laugh, to create, to dream and to imagine. We believe in them and create for them. That's why we manufacture games that adapt to the needs of the little ones. We work with specialists who help us develop games that allow parents, teachers and professionals to improve the abilities of their children or students in a simple, playful and effective way.

We develop games for children with ADHD, ASD, hearing, visual, motor or intellectual disabilities, learning disorders... inclusive games to play at home and in school. To feel integrated and included in their environment. Games so that they can develop and work on their abilities: memory, attention, emotional intelligence, communication, autonomy or cooperation.

Because every child is different and extraordinary. Because we believe that they should be taught to think for themselves, regardless of their starting point. We design and manufacture games that allow them to develop, improve, have fun and learn. We believe in their abilities and our games and materials are made by and for them. We work to get all children to learn with a smile.