New Products

Go through obstacles, direct the ball and reach your goal!

Coding without a computer? It’s the best way to start! Spin the roulette wheels and put the robots on the board. Learn about coordinates and first concepts of early coding.

A modern memory game for working on equality values, by matching pairs of professions that are done by both men and women equally.

An original domino game for associating colours in a different way and creating amazing figures.

A fun way of learning how much energy is provided by food, and how much energy you expend doing different activities. Find out how much energy you need!

Sequences to help children to appreciate the importance of recycling.

A fun way of learning about Euro banknotes and coins with a simple association.

Stamp, throw the dice, and what time is it?

Set of 4 wooden puzzles that shows the importance of sustainable development to protect the planet.

Throw the dice, and what time is it?