Pre-writing awls

Our pre-writing awls are designed in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Valencia to adapt completely ergonomically to the child's hands and fingers. Regardless of whether they are left-handed or right-handed, the design of our awl will allow you to correctly position your fingers for proper pressure and pre-writing.

You can choose it next to our pre-writing tray, which guarantees the maximum security and optimization of the awl, or else our 20 awls container... so that nobody is left without its awl!

Pre-writing Punches | Akros Educational
Skills Development Games

20 pre-writing awls container

Ergonomic awl for practising psychomotor skills. Promotes early writing skills. Suitable for left- and right-handed children. Designed in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Valencia
Skills Development Games

Set of pre-writing tray and awl (4 sets)

Chopping tray with a safety frame to hold paper. Felt surface: resists wear and tear. The base of the tray prevents damage to the work area. With space to store the ergonomic awl. Includes templates to start in pre-writing.

Punches for preschool writing exercises

Craft punches and pre-writing exercises allow children to perform a wide variety of activities in the classroom. In order for younger children to remain attentive in class, it is essential to provide them with activities that capture their interest. Punching exercises on special trays, paper, felt or other surfaces always attract and entertain preschoolers. Letting them express themselves by engraving with the punch concentrates, relaxes and improves fine psychomotor skills, based on coordination between the eye and precision manual movements. The children are motivated by the handicrafts, and when they punch, they are surprised and stimulate their senses; they experiment and enjoy the textures of the materials and the physical act of piercing the paper, as well as the touch of the different perforated figures.

Frequent, progressive chopping exercises help children learn to pick up pencils, brushes or pens correctly when they are older. The mincing exercise is an essential element of psychomotor exercise; it affects concentration, stabilizes behavior and also inhibits useless manual movements, which cause tiredness. A correct position of the delicate musculature of the hand and wrist will allow the child to be able to write without feeling stiffness or pain.

Benefits of punching exercises

Punches should be handled like a pencil, which makes them easier to handle and more ergonomic. The pre-school period is the ideal time to start training with the punches, because at four or five years old the fine motor skills still have to mature a lot. If the child is older and did not receive the exercise at an early age, he or she can begin supervised training as soon as possible.

Frequent and progressive use of this technique will make pencil handling easier and safer for preschoolers when writing or drawing specific lines. In addition to learning how to pick up the punch properly, it requires the attention and manual coordination of the child so that the perforated points are not dispersed among themselves, but that they keep a similar distance and keep the selected figure.

As for the teachers, they must know how the different children in their care evolve their skills in order to progressively increase the difficulty of the punch exercises. For example, when the child draws a figure with perforated dots, over time he must learn to keep the dots evenly apart.

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