Smuzi (creative clay)

Smuzi (creative clay)

Modeling is one of the activities that children like best. At the same time that they train their fine motor skills, they set in motion all their creativity to create with their hands everything they imagine.

Smuzi is ideal for stimulating that more creative part and training your sense of touch. It allows you to carry out many activities such as kneading, crushing, shaping... and even colouring the pasta to your liking. Its pleasant texture gives them sensations of calm and serenity.

An innovative modelling clay with a unique and very pleasant texture that can be shaped and coloured. Recommended by therapists for its special characteristics: strengthens find psychomotor skills and manual dexterity. Its pleasant texture arouses feelings of calm and serenity. Includes a set of modelling tools.

Benefits of the moulding paste in the learning process

Moulding paste is a great aid to early childhood education. The three main benefits of playing with Smuzi are the improvement of fine motor skills, the reduction of nervousness in restless children and the stimulation of creativity.

Fine motor skills are the child's voluntary control of small, precise movements of the hands and fingers, small muscles of the face and mouth (tongue) and feet. This is a very important skill that must be developed, because it is the basis of other physical and mental abilities. For preschoolers, activities that require fine motor skills are an integral part of child development: coloring with crayons, playing with blocks or puzzles, etc. Then they apply these skills in their daily lives, such as when they fasten their buttons, tie their shoes, or use the cutlery correctly on the table.

For a child with attention or hyperactivity problems, or simply restless, the molding paste will help you focus on the short-term goal of figure making. The feel of the pasta and its handling are already relaxing in themselves. When the child focuses his mind on playful activity with Smuzi, it may take a long time for the nerves to become calmer.

With regard to the stimulation of creativity, the magic of play with moulding paste consists in the fact that the child can materialise in the real world what is happening in his or her imagination. Symbolic play, working with older children, consists of moulding figures, for example of animals, and treating the figures as what they evoke. Planning a figure, taking the paste and molding it, produce in the child a self-realization effect that strengthens their self-esteem.

Playing with Smuzi in the classroom and at Home

Smuzi is a moulding paste that allows children to learn to observe, to distinguish different colours and textures, to learn to differentiate sizes and proportions, to knead, to join and break pieces of dough, to join figures with separate pieces and other activities that stimulate their senses and imagination. The palmar forceps, the natural forceps that form the thumb and index finger, are the basis of the fine motor skills of the hands, and will open up a world of possibilities for the use of instruments and tools. The only precaution to take with the moulding paste is adult supervision of the play of the youngest children.