Bingo games are fun board games, ideal for family games. Our sound bingos are designed so that children can also play while learning new sounds and words. Older children can practice and become familiar with other languages.

With children's bingo games we encourage children to associate sounds, words or amounts with images, and we help expand their vocabulary. A game as educational as it is fun! Animals, musical instruments, emotions, transport or city sounds. Which bingo would you like to play?

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Skills Development Games

Bingo: actions and musical instruments

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Game for learning to differentiate 25 sounds of actions and musical instruments, associate them with their real picture, and discovering their names.
Skills Development Games

Bingo: the house and the city

Game for learning to differentiate 25 sounds from the house and the city, associate them with their real picture and also learn their names.
Skills Development Games

Bingo: animals and nature

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Game for learning to differentiate 25 sounds of animals and nature, associate them with their real picture and discovering their names.
Skills Development Games

Bingo: the sounds of emotions

A game of association which uses the bingo system to learn how to differentiate and recognise the basic emotions, associating the image of each emotion with its corresponding sound.
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A game for learning to count from 1 to 10, and associate the writing of the numbers with their respective amounts.  The teacher shows two cards: a number or a quantity and an object. Children must complete their cards like a bingo game when it coincides with what the teacher shows.

Where is it?

A group game for developing spatial orientation featuring two games: a bingo of opposites (blue frame) and a bingo of spatial orientation (red frame).

Educational games are about getting the brain used to a job of continuous improvement without the pressure of formal learning: playability takes the child away from the stress of thinking that he or she is facing a school assignment or therapy.

Bingo games for kids

Adapted bingo games, thanks to their mechanics, help the child to improve different mental processes, such as association and the use of the senses, and, at the same time, encourage socialization, since they are played at home with parents or at school with peers. Educational games serve a dual purpose of mental training or as a therapeutic resource.

Games for the development of children's intelligence

Intra and interpersonal intelligences are enhanced by group games, such as bingo itself, that cover areas of development such as:

  • Emotional intelligence. Through the bingo of emotions, it makes it easier for players to learn to know and express their emotions. In addition, the child will increase his or her empathy with his or her neighbor by becoming more aware of how he or she may feel. Games that sharpen emotional intelligence allow the child to know his or her emotions and deal with them, as well as to know how to interpret and breadcrumb with other people's emotions.
  • Bingo games of mathematical concepts familiarize the child with sizes, geometric shapes, spatial and numerical memory.
  • Bingo games need the use of language skills. They serve to increase the child's vocabulary and reinforce the reading and writing skills he or she receives at school. Younger children will receive the first approach to letters, syllables and words.
  • The bingo games based on associations pursue the refinement of the intelligence and logical capacity of the child. They are for the classroom or for family fun: they consist of matching the image of a card that describes something, such as a mood, with its corresponding sound or image.
  • There are bingos of the senses, specific for the sensory stimulation of children. They are also useful for children with reading deficits, as they can train by playing with the orofacial musculature on which the articulation of words depends.
  • Bingo games also encourage ingenuity. The entire line of board games from Akros encourages the use of imagination and the more alive it is, the greater the child's ability to devise solutions to the challenges posed.

Learn and develop through play

In the Akros online shop you will find didactic board games for all tastes, with which you will not only be able to learn, but you will also have fun sharing family time. In addition to bingo, we offer you various memory games, puzzles of the most varied themes and children's dice.

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