Mathematics is essential in our education because it allows us to reason and solve problems. When we are young we start learning to differentiate and classify colors, shapes and sizes. Later on we learn numbers, calculation, mathematical operations, measurements and geometric figures. As adults, we use them in many situations in our daily lives almost without realizing it.

Learning math is very important and the best way to do it is through play and fun. Craps, memories, sequences cards or geometric figures. Discover all the materials and games that we have prepared so that learning mate is easy and fun.

Mathematics | Akros Educational
Game of observation and cooperation for learning to count. Look at the fun pictures in the puzzles, find the number of birds shown on the cards and mark them with the hoop. Count them and complete the task as you play in a team with your friends. This game develops attention and concentration!

The Geometric Shapes Challenge

Discover geometric shapes using your senses in a hands-on, creative way. Learn the shapes using action cards, tactile trails, puzzles, constructions, recognising geometric shapes in real life and large pieces to join together using the laces. Spin the wheels and learn geometric shapes through fun challenges!

Count and complete from 1 to 10

A game for learning to count from 1 to 10 in a hands-on way. Complete the 10 puzzles, count the elements in the pictures and complete the boards with the round counters up to the indicated number. And see how to break down numbers in a visual, intuitive way. Learn to count with real pictures!
Educational Games

The number challenge from 1 to 10

Discover the numbers from 1 to 10 using the senses in a hands-on, creative way. You will find tactile paths, pieces that fit together, puzzles and outline pieces to tie together with ergonomic laces. You will also learn to count from 1 to 10 with fun real photos. Spin the wheels, learn and have fun!
Educational Games

Topology Birds. Spatial orientation

Original memory game to develop spatial orientation and learn opposing spatial positions: in front-behind, inside-outside, on-under, to the right-to the left, near-far and together-apart. Form pairs of birds in opposite spatial positions and test your observation skills and your memory! Large cards with real scenarios.
Learn to add and subtract and carry over using a simple method to understand the step between tens and units. The 8 boards are rewritable so you can practise as many times as you like, and the base includes a number line to make the calculations easier. It contains two systems to subtract and carry over by exchanging and equal addition. It includes a...
Play, understand and memorise MULTIPLICATION TABLES. At your own pace, and starting from what you already know. A unique, creative, fun and proven process to gain a comprehensive understanding. With this game, you will be able to learn and memorise the multiplication tables, check them and revise them, test your knowledge, interpret and solve problems....

Friends of 10

Find the monster pairs that add up to 10! A fun way to learn number bonds to 10, the basis for developing mental arithmetic with the number-based algorithm (ABN) method. A dynamic game to facilitate the rapid calculation of elementary operations.

Maxi-memory hygiene and health

How many hygiene and health habits do you know? With this memory game involving real images on large cards, you will learn about and encourage healthy hygiene habits, while exercising the memory and working on attention skills. Thanks to hygiene, we live longer!
Skills Development Games

Robocoding: coordinates and early coding

Coding without a computer? It’s the best way to start! Spin the roulette wheels and put the robots on the board. Learn about coordinates and first concepts of early coding. Discover how any challenge can be divided into a sequence of smaller steps. Create these sequences of movements with your friends in a cooperative way, and you will find out that there...
Games of attention and concentration


A fun way of learning about Euro banknotes and coins with a simple association.
Autonomy and time management

Time dice set (30 units)

Throw the dice, and what time is it? Includes 30 dice (12-sided dice) for learning how to tell the time: 15 dice showing hours and 15 showing minutes, in increments of five minutes. For the whole class to play.
Autonomy and time management

Let’s build the time

Big size wooden time-set for learning how to break down an hour into pieces of 5, 15 and 30 minutes. Provides a hands-on understanding of the structure of a clock, helping children to familiarise themselves with the basic notions of learning how to tell the time. Inspired by the Montessori Methodology.
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Stamps featuring numbers based on the decimal system for representing amounts and quantities. Includes four stamps representing ones, tens, hundreds and thousands. Can be used with any ink.
Skills Development Games

The challenge of multiple intelligences

Some fun challenges to develop different kinds of intelligences and understand the strengths of each individual. The game is inspired by Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences and allows the eight intelligences proposed by his model to be exercised, as well as identifying which intelligence predominates in each person. 8 intelligences:...
Spin the roulette wheel and play at inventing mathematical problems! Helps children to understand how problems are structured and to learn how to solve them, according to each child’s level of knowledge. Stimulates emotions, creativity, reasoning and calculation skills, the foundations for developing logical and mathematical thinking. Developed by José...
Cards to develop the mathematical sense and to understand the numbers up to 10.  To work intuitively: composition, decomposition, equality, equivalence, addition and subtraction.  Developed by José Antonio Fernández Bravo.
Skills Development Games

New technologies: balance your activities

Helps children to identify which activities they usually do and to think about how they can balance them. The aim of the game is to make children aware of the risks of doing too much of one activity so they can learn how to balance their free time with different activities.
A set representing long numbers from 1 to 999 with base 10 manipulative material. The number cards are reversible: the back shows the same amount as the front but in the form of base 10 blocks. Inspired by the Montessori methodology.
Skills Development Games

Magnetic stacking game

A game of observation and handling which allows children to discover the properties of magnetism by replicating the cards with the magnetic rings.
Skills Development Games


A briefcase containing 14 geometric shapes and 15 rods to form up to 50 different geometrical patterns.  It develops spatial perception and helps children learn about different geometric shapes through observation and handling.
Skills Development Games

Maxi-memory inventions

Travel back in time, and in each pair of pictures discover the progress of the inventions that have changed history. An amazing memory game with large, real-life images for exercising memory skills and working on attention issues. Travel back in time through inventions!
Skills Development Games

Maxi-memory universe

Memory game featuring true-life images of the universe on large format cards for exercising the memory, working on attention skills while discovering the wonders of the universe. This game allows you to exercise memory with real images on large cards. It promotes the development of observation and concentration. Through the attention is improved visual...

Calculation kit

A set of 216 cards for working with numbers and doing calculations. All the cards are in black on the front and red on the back.

Learn to multiply

100 cards printed on both sides, one with the multiplicand in blue and the multiplier in black, and on the other the result in red. The different colours allow the cards to be grouped together to work with multiplication tables.

Learn to add up

100 cards printed on both sides, with operations of elemental sums, of two addends of different colours on the obverse and the results in red on the reverse side.
Skills Development Games

Maxi-sequences of daily habits

A set of five very simple sequences of four steps each with large-format photos taht allow children to learn about the basic daily habits of hygiene, independence and collaboration in household chores.

Where is it?

A group game for developing spatial orientation featuring two games: a bingo of opposites (blue frame) and a bingo of spatial orientation (red frame).
Skills Development Games

My left and my right

This game introduces children to the notion of left and right by means of cards showing a person seen from the front and from behind. The cards show different objects, which can be located on both sides of the character.
Skills Development Games

Listen and put the stories in order

Listen to the 6 classic stories and put the cartoons in order. Each story has a different coloured frame, which helps to develop a sense of time and chronological perception.
Skills Development Games

Funny stories from home

Game comprising 12 amusing stories which occur at home. It includes question-cards to let your imagination run wild and imagine different endings.
Skills Development Games

Universal calendar

A calendar with a very intuitive structure that helps young children to understand how time is organized. Its vertical deductive structure allows children to move from global to individual concepts and helps them to form a clear and schematic image of the composition of time over a year.  It is based on the year and its seasons, travelling through months...
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A game for learning to count from 1 to 10, and associate the writing of the numbers with their respective amounts.  The teacher shows two cards: a number or a quantity and an object. Children must complete their cards like a bingo game when it coincides with what the teacher shows.

Mathematics is part of our everyday life. The younger children learn the logic of mathematics, the easier it will be in the future to acquire more complex knowledge.

The Akros store offers you the funniest and most original math games, so that children can easily learn this discipline that sometimes costs them so much. Enjoy playing with your children and watching them learn.

Learn math by playing

Age, measurements, time, speed, area of a surface, pagination of books, floors of a building, prices, and even television channels use numbers as the language of universal communication.

This is all part of our daily life and almost without realizing it, we use mathematics for anything, like paying in a shop or when we get on the bus, counting the people in front of us in a row, calculating the number of days left for the holidays....

In addition to the knowledge of numbers and basic operations, at Akros we propose products to discover spatial orientation, or temporal perception, through simple logical sequences of events.

The simplicity of the mathematical games we propose makes them very attractive, and even more so when you check the effectiveness of their techniques and instructions for use. They can also become more complex depending on the level of difficulty we want to give them, by age, etc.

Improves children's math comprehension skills. Having an abstract view and being able to better understand numbers will make it easier to learn more complex math in the future. Without a doubt, the best way for children to love math is to see it as a game and not as something negative.

Learning through games, basic notions of mathematics, as well as spatial orientation and perspective, is a very simple way to make the concepts well established in the memory of children.

Fun Math Games

Math games are the most appropriate way to teach children concepts as necessary as math. It is important that we try to inculcate values and language skills, or improve their association techniques while they are distracted and enjoy themselves as these skills will accompany them throughout their lives.

The Akros store has a wide variety of educational games and toys that you can buy to teach children in a playful way and, if you are looking for cheaper products, be sure to visit our educational toy outlet where you will find the best discount products.

Enjoy learning with them and seeing how all the concepts you work are well established in their memory thanks to the studied design of the games that Akros offers you.

The importance of good learning from an early age will be reflected throughout their lives as adults, where they will have to take up the most basic calculations in order to make any kind of transaction.

Our speciality in educational games puts us at the forefront of the most valued products for children's learning, with exclusive materials and our own products, which only support the learning of children in a simple and fun way.

Spend time with the children and teach them in a practical way with the math games that you will find in The Akros Shop, because we offer you all kinds of materials and activities that will make learning very simple and fun like our children's board games.

Entertaining memory games

We offer memory games that will delight the little ones as they exercise their retention capacity. The practice of memory is a very useful resource for your future as it will facilitate the acquisition of knowledge in your studies.

Photographic memory games will also help the child learn to retain images more easily, learn to capture details quickly and improve their ability to concentrate.

All these advantages will be accompanied by a moment of fun where you can strengthen the bonds with the little ones while they learn with our memory games.

We offer multiple themes, which will also open up new worlds where they will increase their knowledge of the world around them, enhancing their curiosity and making great advances in their knowledge. Don't hesitate any longer and choose the retention set that best suits your child's tastes.

Child Sequence Play

Sequence games allow children to entertain themselves while practicing logical thinking. They become aware and learn that all acts have derived consequences.

These sequence sheets will allow you to learn daily routines that you will be able to adopt in the future in your daily life.

Without a doubt, a very successful idea to give a child as a gift is our games of sequences that they can enjoy alone or with their parents while they learn and improve their knowledge.

The memory chips will allow you to get great results in the games of sequences and will become the favorite toys of the smallest of the house.

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