Creativity is a capacity that is essential to develop in order to learn how to generate creative solutions to the constant challenges that life surprises us with, and it can be developed in multiple ways.

In this section you will find games and activities that encourage creativity and allow your imagination to run wild, such as recreating the world through a magical window, or inventing surprising figures with creative dominoes and their various forms of playing.

If you are looking for an original game with a free game system that develops creativity, this is your section.

Games of attention and concentration

Creative dominoes

An original domino game for associating colours in a different way and creating amazing figures. Develops creativity and visual-spatial intelligence. Inspired by the Waldorf Method.
Manual dexterity

The magic window

A creative window to draw and recreate the world! Includes 6 erasable coloured felt pens to let your imagination fly. It also facilitates working on pre-writing with the completion of basic concepts sheets (sheets not included). You can use it both vertically and flat on the table. Inspired by Montessori methodology.
Skills Development Games

Rewritable dice

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Set of three rewritable dice with an erasable felt-tip pen for working on all kinds of concepts.
Fine motor skills

Multi-sensory pre-writing tray - xl

Large multisensory tray for developing pre-writing skills and hand-eye coordination by creating figures through touch.  Allows children to create and experiment as a group. Inspired by the Montessori methodology.

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