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If you are looking for fun and enjoyable games with an \educational\" bonus to work at home, in class or in your sessions, here you will find them all distributed by thematic areas. Discover our games and materials to work on values education, emotions, healthy eating, five senses, respect for the environment, association games, to develop language, improve math, or work manual dexterity.

With this selection of games the children will learn new concepts in addition to playing. At the same time, they will have fun developing their abilities and reorganizing their ideas. Individually or in groups, they can learn by playing.

Choose the area you are most interested in and define an age or special need to find the game that best suits your needs.


Educational Games | Akros Educational
Spin the wheels, look at the pictures and let your imagination run wild! Includes 8 themed wheels with real-world images, 2 rewritable wheels, an erasable marker and cards with icons for assigning the wheels and saying whose turn it is. Work in a group to create amazing stories together!
Game with real-world images to recognise, accept and validate the emotions we might feel in different situations. It helps us learn that we aren't all the same and sometimes feel different emotions in the same situation. It encourages empathy and respect for emotions in oneself and in others. Roll the dice, look at a situation and share your emotions!
Inclusive association game for discovering primary and secondary colours. Roll the dice and complete the colour wheels with real-world photographs. It encourages inclusion in the classroom. Includes the ColorADD® graphical colour identification system for colour-blind people. If colour is for all, the game is for everyone!
A game for discovering the diversity of the animal world and learning to classify animals according to their main features: diet (herbivore/carnivore/omnivore), natural habitat (air/land/water), reproduction (oviparous/viviparous), internal skeleton (vertebrate/invertebrate), etc. Spin the wheels and look for the animals that correspond to the features...
Game of observation and cooperation for learning to count. Look at the fun pictures in the puzzles, find the number of birds shown on the cards and mark them with the hoop. Count them and complete the task as you play in a team with your friends. This game develops attention and concentration!
Association game with photographs to discover and learn about different religions. It offers the chance to develop an education based on values as a basis for resolving conflicts. It helps you promote a culture of peace and respect from a very early age. The game features the following religions: Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism. Throw...
The Senses

The vowel challenge

Discover the vowels using the senses in a hands-on, creative way. Learn them using tactile paths, pieces that fit together, puzzles and large outline pieces to tie together with ergonomic laces. Spin the wheels and learn the vowels in upper case and lower case, with fun challenges!
Discover the diversity there is at school, at home and in life to reflect on the values of respect, tolerance, cooperation, integration, collaboration and solidarity. This social inclusion memory game uses real pictures to show a more inclusive world and promote values that encourage peace.
Healthy Food

The superpowers of healthy food

Discover the "superpowers" hidden in foods and become a "superhero" of healthy eating! This game helps to promote healthy eating habits and teaches the importance of consuming a wide variety of nutritious foods. In addition, it promotes their classification according to the main nutrients they contain and the food group to which they belong. This game has...
Manual dexterity

The magic window

A creative window to draw and recreate the world! Includes 6 erasable coloured felt pens to let your imagination fly. It also facilitates working on pre-writing with the completion of basic concepts sheets (sheets not included). You can use it both vertically and flat on the table. Inspired by Montessori methodology.

The Geometric Shapes Challenge

Discover geometric shapes using your senses in a hands-on, creative way. Learn the shapes using action cards, tactile trails, puzzles, constructions, recognising geometric shapes in real life and large pieces to join together using the laces. Spin the wheels and learn geometric shapes through fun challenges!
Association game with photographs to discover and classify the social, economic and cultural characteristics of each period in history. Discover how the economy, transport, architecture, paintings, occupations, housing and clothing have evolved, and learn about some of the most representative inventions from different periods in history. It includes a...
Educational Games

The number challenge from 1 to 10

Discover the numbers from 1 to 10 using the senses in a hands-on, creative way. You will find tactile paths, pieces that fit together, puzzles and outline pieces to tie together with ergonomic laces. You will also learn to count from 1 to 10 with fun real photos. Spin the wheels, learn and have fun!
Sustainability and environment

Our sustainable world

Association game which invites us to make small changes in our everyday lives to raise awareness of the need to create a more sustainable world with our actions. With large real images and a self-marking system on the back. Educating is helping people to improve the world!
Emotional Intelligence

Give life to your emotions!

The robots want to learn emotions and we are going to help them! Express basic emotions by representing them in different ways through the senses. A different way of finding out about emotions, providing a more complete view of each of them.
A fun way of learning how much energy is provided by food, and how much energy you expend doing different activities. Find out how much energy you need! Use the scales to discover whether there is a balance between the energy of the food you eat and the energy you expend during exercise.  Also learn that not all the energy provided by foods is of the same...
Skills Development Games

Put yourself in my shoes

Observe the different situations, put yourself in the shoes of the characters, and describe how they feel. This encourages the development of social skills such as empathy, the identification of emotions, and helps to develop an emotional conscience.

Count and complete from 1 to 10

A game for learning to count from 1 to 10 in a hands-on way. Complete the 10 puzzles, count the elements in the pictures and complete the boards with the round counters up to the indicated number. And see how to break down numbers in a visual, intuitive way. Learn to count with real pictures!
Educational Games

Discover the different forms of art!

Original association game using real pictures to discover art in its different forms: painting, sculpture, architecture, literature, cinema, theatre, music and dance. Spin the wheel and discover your favourite form of art! Large reversible cards with self-correction system.

Selective attention dominoes

A fun dominoes game, especially suited to work on selective attention through the association of different shapes and colours. Direct your attention to one attribute of the figures, the shape or colour, to make the association. Reversible cards that enable multiple ways to play.
Original touch-memory game using illustrations specially created with a great deal of contrast and a rough texture! Develop visual and touch discrimination, attention and spatial memory. Also suitable for people with visual impairment.
Values education

Self-esteem roulette

Discover your skills and strengths by playing in group! The self-esteem roulette increases the self-concept of both girls and boys in a dynamic, fun, positive and enriching way.
Sustainability and environment

My planet and its energy

Discover the origin of energy and how it is transformed to reach our houses and cities. Learn about the different sources of energy, both renewable and non-renewable, on our planet.
Improving speech and pronunciation

Blowing adventures

Go through obstacles, direct the ball and reach your goal! Two fun scenes that help to exercise intensity, strength and directional blowing skills to develop optimum breathing patterns. You can play alone or in pairs.
Skills Development Games

Learning about food allergies and intolerances

Do we know what we’re eating? This game lets you discover the most common food, allergies and intolerances, which foods cause them, and what symptoms they can cause. Developed in collaboration with CGD-NE (General Council of Dieticians-Nutritionists of Spain). It helps to generate empathy towards fellow students with food intolerances and encourages their...
Educational Games

The 3 Rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Learn sustainable habits to reduce the consumption of the resources we use, such as water or energy, reduce the waste we generate, reuse packaging, clothing and objects that we have in our surroundings and recycle properly. Observation and classification game with real, large-size pictures. Spin the wheel and learn to be an environmentally-friendly consumer!
Diversity and culture

Maxi-memory diversity and ways of living

Discover different ways of living and carrying out daily activities in the world, including going to school, getting water, playing, travelling and much more. With this memory game using real images on large cards, you will find out about how people live in other places and learn about the great diversity of today’s world. You will also develop your...

The pre-reading roulette

Spin the roulette and search for images that start with a specific letter or phoneme, that contain that letter or phoneme, or that have a specific number of syllables! A game containing photographs to help you to mentally segment words into syllables and identify phonemes and letters in a progressive way. Phonological awareness is essential for creating a...
Games of attention and concentration

Creative dominoes

An original domino game for associating colours in a different way and creating amazing figures. Develops creativity and visual-spatial intelligence. Inspired by the Waldorf Method.
Fine motor skills

Ergonomic laces for lacing (30 units)

Set of ergonomic laces for little hands to practice lacing and linking objects. The 2'5 cm tips of the laces make them easy to handle. Facilitates hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and manual dexterity. Includes 30 laces (100 cm) of different colors.
Values education

Anti-bullying posters

Anti-bullying posters for underlining a zero-tolerance attitude against bullying in schools and helping to prevent it. They show different situations of school bullying: physical, mental or psychological, social exclusion, trolling or cyber bullying. Designed to be hung on the wall. Posters are washable and made of high quality materials.
Skills Development Games

Tactile-visual dominoes

Large-format tactile domino game with a rough texture on both sides. Illustrated with a lot of contrast to develop visual and tactile discrimination while playing dominoes. Suitable for use by people with visual impairment. The cards, being large in size, can be handled by small children or with some kind of psychomotor difficulty.
Skills Development Games

Recognize and guide the emotions

A game for describing emotions is the first step to starting to develop an emotional conscience, achieving greater self-control and managing to regulate emotions properly.  It helps to identify our own individual emotions, recognize them in other people, and take decisions about our behaviour.
Healthy Food

The healthy eating pyramid

Throw the dice and complete the pyramid with the corresponding food items, taking into account that green is for food that should be eaten often, yellow the ones which should be eaten sometimes and red is for food that should be eaten occasionally.
Educational Games

Topology Birds. Spatial orientation

Original memory game to develop spatial orientation and learn opposing spatial positions: in front-behind, inside-outside, on-under, to the right-to the left, near-far and together-apart. Form pairs of birds in opposite spatial positions and test your observation skills and your memory! Large cards with real scenarios.
Diversity and culture

Discover the history of humanity!

Association game to discover by playing the different stages of history and some of its main events. With fun illustrations which help us discovering humanity’s big steps, in a simple way, from its origins to the present day. It enables us to classify relevant historical events during the different stages of history, and then to order them chronologically.

Didactic games for children

Kindergartens and schools include teaching materials such as educational games to achieve their best results. One of the best ways for them to learn is to use didactic games for children at the best price.

Children learn in a playful way and retain the concepts they have acquired better if they add a touch of fun to the subject explained, which is why children's educational games are always very well accepted by all students.

The educational games that The Akros Store offers you are divided into sections:

  • Environmental resources that teach children to care for and respect the environment by instilling simple habits that will be easy to put into practice, such as recycling.
  • Education in values that will help us to lay the foundations of our children's education, learning good manners from an early age, making them reflect on the consequences of their actions, etc.
  • Food education so that children understand where the food they see every day in their homes and at school comes from. That they learn to eat healthy and understand that they must eat everything in order to grow properly.
  • Education in emotional intelligence to understand the emotions they experience from an early age, from their tantrum stage when they do not understand why they are not given the things they \demand\", and the rest of the stages they go through, knowing how to express their feelings at every moment.

Educational games for special children

When we talk about special children, we are referring to those who have some kind of deficiency or disability that prevents them from carrying out tasks or acquiring knowledge in the same way as other children of their age.

Educational resources for special children will be tailored to the child's needs, so that both the child and his/her peers can play and learn together.

Teachers rely on these types of activities that are developed through games to teach children different subjects that they should understand according to their age.

Children with specific needs learn in a fun way different subjects that are basic to their knowledge, by age or according to the stage of maturity in which they find themselves.

It is very important to support at home the subjects learned in class, so educational games for special children are the ideal option to spend good times with children where they will learn and strengthen what they learn while having fun with adults.

Educational games for children

Get the best way to spend great moments with children playing while they learn new things and improve their education with our educational toys for children.

It is important to reinforce what you learn at home in school. This will strengthen what they have learned as well as motivate them to learn new things and improve their self-esteem.

All professionals recommend that parents spend a few hours with their children doing recreational activities as well as helping them with schoolwork, which is why our educational games for children will help you to bring both parts together and you will be able to enjoy your child's education more.

In addition, our educational games for children and are the ideal choice to give the youngest if you want to give a gift that will please both children and their parents. Another great way to give a child a gift is with our children's board games.

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