Skills Development Games

With the following selection of educational games you will be able to train in a fun and entertaining way the memory, attention, fine motor skills or reading of the youngest children.

We also offer you material to help them improve speech, understand emotions or become more autonomous and manage the organization of time.

Skills Development Games
Diversity and culture

Discover the history of humanity!

Association game to discover by playing the different stages of history and some of its main events. With fun illustrations which help us discovering humanity’s big steps, in a simple way, from its origins to the present day. It enables us to classify relevant historical events during the different stages of history, and then to order them chronologically.
Values education

Self-esteem roulette

Discover your skills and strengths by playing in group! The self-esteem roulette increases the self-concept of both girls and boys in a dynamic, fun, positive and enriching way.
Autonomy and time management

Let’s build the time

Big size wooden time-set for learning how to break down an hour into pieces of 5, 15 and 30 minutes. Provides a hands-on understanding of the structure of a clock, helping children to familiarise themselves with the basic notions of learning how to tell the time. Inspired by the Montessori Methodology.
Fine motor skills

Multi-sensory pre-writing tray - xl

Large multisensory tray for developing pre-writing skills and hand-eye coordination by creating figures through touch.  Allows children to create and experiment as a group. Inspired by the Montessori methodology.
Diversity and culture

Discover de continents of the world!

Simple association game to travel through the continents and get familiar with their geographical location and discover the great diversity of landscapes, traditions and cultures that exist in today’s world using real images. Each continent has a different coloured frame which easily enables you to associate it with its cards. Throw the dice and start...
Play, understand and memorise MULTIPLICATION TABLES. At your own pace, and starting from what you already know. A unique, creative, fun and proven process to gain a comprehensive understanding. With this game, you will be able to learn and memorise the multiplication tables, check them and revise them, test your knowledge, interpret and solve problems....
Emotional Intelligence

Give life to your emotions!

The robots want to learn emotions and we are going to help them! Express basic emotions by representing them in different ways through the senses. A different way of finding out about emotions, providing a more complete view of each of them.
Autonomy and time management

Time dice set (30 units)

Throw the dice, and what time is it? Includes 30 dice (12-sided dice) for learning how to tell the time: 15 dice showing hours and 15 showing minutes, in increments of five minutes. For the whole class to play.
Improving speech and pronunciation

Blowing adventures

Go through obstacles, direct the ball and reach your goal! Two fun scenes that help to exercise intensity, strength and directional blowing skills to develop optimum breathing patterns. You can play alone or in pairs.
Sustainability and environment

Enjoy the seasons of the year!

An original association game to discover activities that are carried out in spring, summer, autumn and winter. The real images invite you to explore the seasons of the year again and again. Each season has a different coloured frame which enables you to associate it with its cards easily. Throw the dice and start playing! Enjoy your favourite season!

Friends of 10

Find the monster pairs that add up to 10! A fun way to learn number bonds to 10, the basis for developing mental arithmetic with the number-based algorithm (ABN) method. A dynamic game to facilitate the rapid calculation of elementary operations.
Spin the roulette wheel and play at inventing mathematical problems! Helps children to understand how problems are structured and to learn how to solve them, according to each child’s level of knowledge. Stimulates emotions, creativity, reasoning and calculation skills, the foundations for developing logical and mathematical thinking. Developed by José...
Sustainability and environment

Our sustainable world

Association game which invites us to make small changes in our everyday lives to raise awareness of the need to create a more sustainable world with our actions. With large real images and a self-marking system on the back. Educating is helping people to improve the world!
Diversity and culture

Maxi-memory diversity and ways of living

Discover different ways of living and carrying out daily activities in the world, including going to school, getting water, playing, travelling and much more. With this memory game using real images on large cards, you will find out about how people live in other places and learn about the great diversity of today’s world. You will also develop your...
Fine motor skills

Ergonomic laces for lacing (30 units)

Set of ergonomic laces for little hands to practice lacing and linking objects. The 2'5 cm tips of the laces make them easy to handle. Facilitates hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and manual dexterity. Includes 30 laces (100 cm) of different colors.
Skills Development Games

Tactile-visual dominoes

Large-format tactile domino game with a rough texture on both sides. Illustrated with a lot of contrast to develop visual and tactile discrimination while playing dominoes. Suitable for use by people with visual impairment. The cards, being large in size, can be handled by small children or with some kind of psychomotor difficulty.
Original touch-memory game using illustrations specially created with a great deal of contrast and a rough texture! Develop visual and touch discrimination, attention and spatial memory. Also suitable for people with visual impairment.
Fine motor skills

Ergonomic laces for lacing (10 units)

Set of ergonomic laces for little hands to practice lacing and linking objects. The 2'5 cm tips of the laces make them easy to handle. Facilitates hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and manual dexterity. Includes 10 laces (100 cm) of different colors.

Selective attention dominoes

A fun dominoes game, especially suited to work on selective attention through the association of different shapes and colours. Direct your attention to one attribute of the figures, the shape or colour, to make the association. Reversible cards that enable multiple ways to play.
Games of attention and concentration

Creative dominoes

An original domino game for associating colours in a different way and creating amazing figures. Develops creativity and visual-spatial intelligence. Inspired by the Waldorf Method.
Sustainability and environment

Natudomino insectes

An amazing dominoes game with large cards for discovering small insects using real images! Develop your attention while exploring the world of insects in close-up. Reversible cards that also enable you to play classic dominoes.
Sustainability and environment

Natudomino animals in extinction

An amazing dominoes game with large cards using real images to discover some animals in danger of extinction! Develop your attention while discovering animals that are in danger of disappearing forever. Reversible cards that also enable you to play classic dominoes.
Sustainability and environment

Natudomino zoom in on animals

An amazing dominoes game with large cards, using real images to discover interesting details about animals! Develop your attention while looking at animals in close-up. Reversible cards that also enable you to play classic dominoes.
Sustainability and environment

Natudomino wonders of nature

An amazing dominoes game with large cards for discovering the wonders of nature using real images! Develop your attention while exploring interesting details about the natural world. Reversible cards that also enable you to play classic dominoes.
Games of attention and concentration


A fun way of learning about Euro banknotes and coins with a simple association.
Skills Development Games

Planning daily activities

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A board for planning everyday activities at both home and school, associating them with the hours of the day in both the AM/PM and 24-hour-clock versions.
Skills Development Games

Logo-bits cards for differentiating s / z

Articulation training cards to re-educate students in how to differentiate between and properly pronounce the phonemes /S/ and /Z/, correcting any pronunciation errors. The cards contain repetition phonemes for syllable reading. Contains cards with pictures and words that contain the phonemes /S/ and /Z/ for additional phonetic exercises.
Skills Development Games

Maxi puzzles - animals

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Set of nine large format 3-4 piece puzzles of animal silhouettes for children aged two and upwards. Made from large pieces of thick, strong, top quality cardboard.
Skills Development Games

Set of puzzles the 10 emotions

Set of 10 puzzles featuring the basic emotions that guide our behaviour, plus 10 matching icons to help identify them: happiness, self-confidence, admiration, curiosity, surprise, anger, disgust, sadness, fear and guilty. Progressive puzzles of 3, 4 and 6 pieces. Made from large pieces of thick, strong, top quality cardboard, for children aged two and...
Skills Development Games

Linking families of the world

Set of 24 wooden figures for linking up, representing different families of the world. Children can link up their own family and play with the characters, which are also freestanding. Includes six coloured laces. 

Importance of play in child development

Educational games to develop skills are products designed and manufactured by early childhood education specialists that entertain children and motivate them to learn and excel. They are suitable for all ages and for children to play alone, in pairs or with the whole family. Akros' games and activities for child development improve the ability to observe, analyze, visual memory, and encourage patience and concentration. Akros children's games also develop motility and its ability to relate concepts. Each toy offers certain contents that can be encouraged, helping us to teach the child the importance of the rules, to respect the shifts, to accept to lose and to take a job to the end.

Children's needs increase as they mature. Every day they become more active and restless, and all this energy is evident in the way they play. Their days are full of stimuli and the desire to play seems never to end. They often ask their parents to participate in their games, especially if they don't have siblings or friends available to participate. Having fun with the children is one of the memories that parents do not forget: it is important to do everything possible to have time to accept their invitations to enjoy together. Ask your child about his or her likes and dislikes to find the most appropriate toy for the child.

Games to build children's capacities

Akros board games offer children with special needs the opportunity to work on their cognitive skills, as well as the ability to interact and socialize with other children. Finding the right board game for children's needs can be a matter of trial and error, but it is worth it as it is an effective way to encourage children to work together and communicate with others.

Playing with children is an opportunity to educate. Play allows us to stimulate creativity and curiosity, as well as encourage children to cultivate what they are passionate about. For example, a musical toy can create interest in music, technology, or science to interact with the reality in which the child lives. Akros board games cover a wide range of activities that children can do, such as practicing memory, imagination and logic, or even games for stimulating the senses and the ability to observe.

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