Healthy Food

A healthy and balanced diet is essential for children to grow up healthy and strong. Our responsibility as parents and educators is not only to encourage them to eat healthy foods, but also to learn healthy eating patterns themselves.

To achieve this goal, Akros has a selection of games that work with food through photographs, memorys or association games. These games will help both children and adults sort foods by how often we should take them, to learn the basics of healthy eating in a fun and enjoyable way.

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Healthy Food

The superpowers of healthy food

Discover the "superpowers" hidden in foods and become a "superhero" of healthy eating! This game helps to promote healthy eating habits and teaches the importance of consuming a wide variety of nutritious foods. In addition, it promotes their classification according to the main nutrients they contain and the food group to which they belong. This game has...
A fun way of learning how much energy is provided by food, and how much energy you expend doing different activities. Find out how much energy you need! Use the scales to discover whether there is a balance between the energy of the food you eat and the energy you expend during exercise.  Also learn that not all the energy provided by foods is of the same...
Skills Development Games

Learning about food allergies and intolerances

Do we know what we’re eating? This game lets you discover the most common food, allergies and intolerances, which foods cause them, and what symptoms they can cause. Developed in collaboration with CGD-NE (General Council of Dieticians-Nutritionists of Spain). It helps to generate empathy towards fellow students with food intolerances and encourages their...
Healthy Food

The healthy eating pyramid

Throw the dice and complete the pyramid with the corresponding food items, taking into account that green is for food that should be eaten often, yellow the ones which should be eaten sometimes and red is for food that should be eaten occasionally.
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A game of association to relate basic foodstuffs with the colours of a traffic light, based on how frequently they should be eaten, where green means often, amber means sometimes and red means occasionally.

The importance of eating right

We are concerned about the health of our children. We're worried they won't grow up healthy. But we can only influence their habits by passing on to them and making them understand the value of their habits.

The right diet for children will have an impact not only on their health, but on their whole life, including their ability to learn and acquire knowledge and relationships with others.

It is necessary for children to become familiar with the different types of food from an early age, to know how often each one of them should be eaten, and to do so through play, learning in a fun way and without realizing it, taking it as something natural.

To this end, we present several products that teach different ways of educating people about food: knowing where it comes from, how it is obtained, what it contains and above all, what is healthy and what is not, and should be left only for specific occasions.

As we say, children's nutrition must be the basis of their physical, social and intellectual development, so making them aware of the importance of eating in a healthy way is essential so that they themselves can take the step towards correct nutrition and avoid eating less healthy foods that are so accessible to children today.

Providing them with fruits and vegetables and avoiding fats as much as possible is part of our job as parents and it will be easier for them to eat well if we offer them a complete nutritional education from an early age.

Food education for children

The good health of our children is connected to a correct diet, which will obviously vary according to the age of the child, as they grow up they will need to cover more needs. Malnutrition or poor nutrition can have very negative effects on children, with lower intellectual development, poorer school performance and poorer health.

It's not just about making sure you avoid childhood obesity: a child at the right weight will enjoy a much higher quality of life, as he or she will have plenty of energy to play and perform perfectly at school. We must try to make the little ones in the house see that they have to eat well, at least try the food before saying whether they like it or not. That is why the sooner we begin to give them a food education the easier it will be in the future.

At Akros we offer the best selection of games and resources for teachers so that the youngest can relate to food in a healthy and appropriate way. Thus, you can find games for them to learn the origin of the different types of food, games of association between the different foods and the frequency with which they should be consumed and the pyramid of good nutrition, which should be filled with different foods depending on how important they are for a correct diet.

It is very important that the children in the house learn to eat all kinds of food so that they can grow properly. Acquiring eating habits from an early age will help you avoid problems in the future.

In addition, in our online store you can find other resources to help you teach your child the most important values for his or her future. Acquiring emotional intelligence, learning to love nature through play and enhancing sensory abilities will improve the education of the youngest from play to helping them mature into responsible adults in a simple and fun way.

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