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Any age is good for improving, continuing to learn, or practicing what we like or are good at. Regardless of our age, we can all continue to enjoy learning through play: work with sequences, make associations, stimulate the senses, recognize emotions or train memory.

We have selected the following materials and games that can help in case of having any kind of difficulty, or if you want to train or improve any specific skill in a fun, enjoyable and sharing experiences with the rest of the family or friends. What are we playing today?

Games for Seniors | Akros Educational
Inclusive association game for discovering primary and secondary colours. Roll the dice and complete the colour wheels with real-world photographs. It encourages inclusion in the classroom. Includes the ColorADD® graphical colour identification system for colour-blind people. If colour is for all, the game is for everyone!
Spin the wheels, look at the pictures and let your imagination run wild! Includes 8 themed wheels with real-world images, 2 rewritable wheels, an erasable marker and cards with icons for assigning the wheels and saying whose turn it is. Work in a group to create amazing stories together!

Count and complete from 1 to 10

A game for learning to count from 1 to 10 in a hands-on way. Complete the 10 puzzles, count the elements in the pictures and complete the boards with the round counters up to the indicated number. And see how to break down numbers in a visual, intuitive way. Learn to count with real pictures!
A game for discovering the diversity of the animal world and learning to classify animals according to their main features: diet (herbivore/carnivore/omnivore), natural habitat (air/land/water), reproduction (oviparous/viviparous), internal skeleton (vertebrate/invertebrate), etc. Spin the wheels and look for the animals that correspond to the features...
Game with real-world images to recognise, accept and validate the emotions we might feel in different situations. It helps us learn that we aren't all the same and sometimes feel different emotions in the same situation. It encourages empathy and respect for emotions in oneself and in others. Roll the dice, look at a situation and share your emotions!
Discover the diversity there is at school, at home and in life to reflect on the values of respect, tolerance, cooperation, integration, collaboration and solidarity. This social inclusion memory game uses real pictures to show a more inclusive world and promote values that encourage peace.
Diversity and culture

Discover the history of humanity!

Association game to discover by playing the different stages of history and some of its main events. With fun illustrations which help us discovering humanity’s big steps, in a simple way, from its origins to the present day. It enables us to classify relevant historical events during the different stages of history, and then to order them chronologically.
Diversity and culture

Discover de continents of the world!

Simple association game to travel through the continents and get familiar with their geographical location and discover the great diversity of landscapes, traditions and cultures that exist in today’s world using real images. Each continent has a different coloured frame which easily enables you to associate it with its cards. Throw the dice and start...
Sustainability and environment

Our sustainable world

Association game which invites us to make small changes in our everyday lives to raise awareness of the need to create a more sustainable world with our actions. With large real images and a self-marking system on the back. Educating is helping people to improve the world!
Educational Games

The 3 Rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Learn sustainable habits to reduce the consumption of the resources we use, such as water or energy, reduce the waste we generate, reuse packaging, clothing and objects that we have in our surroundings and recycle properly. Observation and classification game with real, large-size pictures. Spin the wheel and learn to be an environmentally-friendly consumer!
Association game with photographs to discover and learn about different religions. It offers the chance to develop an education based on values as a basis for resolving conflicts. It helps you promote a culture of peace and respect from a very early age. The game features the following religions: Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism. Throw...
Educational Games

Discover the different forms of art!

Original association game using real pictures to discover art in its different forms: painting, sculpture, architecture, literature, cinema, theatre, music and dance. Spin the wheel and discover your favourite form of art! Large reversible cards with self-correction system.
Diversity and culture

Maxi-memory diversity and ways of living

Discover different ways of living and carrying out daily activities in the world, including going to school, getting water, playing, travelling and much more. With this memory game using real images on large cards, you will find out about how people live in other places and learn about the great diversity of today’s world. You will also develop your...
Original touch-memory game using illustrations specially created with a great deal of contrast and a rough texture! Develop visual and touch discrimination, attention and spatial memory. Also suitable for people with visual impairment.
Sustainability and environment

Natudomino insectes

An amazing dominoes game with large cards for discovering small insects using real images! Develop your attention while exploring the world of insects in close-up. Reversible cards that also enable you to play classic dominoes.
Sustainability and environment

Natudomino animals in extinction

An amazing dominoes game with large cards using real images to discover some animals in danger of extinction! Develop your attention while discovering animals that are in danger of disappearing forever. Reversible cards that also enable you to play classic dominoes.
Sustainability and environment

Natudomino zoom in on animals

An amazing dominoes game with large cards, using real images to discover interesting details about animals! Develop your attention while looking at animals in close-up. Reversible cards that also enable you to play classic dominoes.
Sustainability and environment

Natudomino wonders of nature

An amazing dominoes game with large cards for discovering the wonders of nature using real images! Develop your attention while exploring interesting details about the natural world. Reversible cards that also enable you to play classic dominoes.
Skills Development Games

Tactile-visual dominoes

Large-format tactile domino game with a rough texture on both sides. Illustrated with a lot of contrast to develop visual and tactile discrimination while playing dominoes. Suitable for use by people with visual impairment. The cards, being large in size, can be handled by small children or with some kind of psychomotor difficulty.
Skills Development Games

Tactile maxi-memory "everyday life"

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A large-format tactile memory game with different textures featuring real images of everyday life. For working on tactile discrimination, visual memory and attention through the sense of touch.  You can play both the classic and tactile memory games. Inspired by the Montessori methodology.
Skills Development Games

Tactile maxi-memory \"nature\"

A large-format tactile memory game with different textures featuring real images of our environment. For working on tactile discrimination, visual memory and attention through the sense of touch.  You can play both the classic and tactile memory games. Inspired by the Montessori methodology.
Skills Development Games

Maxi-memory equality

A modern memory game for working on equality values, by matching pairs of professions that are done by both men and women equally. A fun way of exercising memory skills and developing attention while instilling values. A memory game with large and real-life images. What do you want to be when you grow up?
Skills Development Games

Learning about food allergies and intolerances

Do we know what we’re eating? This game lets you discover the most common food, allergies and intolerances, which foods cause them, and what symptoms they can cause. Developed in collaboration with CGD-NE (General Council of Dieticians-Nutritionists of Spain). It helps to generate empathy towards fellow students with food intolerances and encourages their...

The pre-reading roulette

Spin the roulette and search for images that start with a specific letter or phoneme, that contain that letter or phoneme, or that have a specific number of syllables! A game containing photographs to help you to mentally segment words into syllables and identify phonemes and letters in a progressive way. Phonological awareness is essential for creating a...
Skills Development Games

Maxi-memory inventions

Travel back in time, and in each pair of pictures discover the progress of the inventions that have changed history. An amazing memory game with large, real-life images for exercising memory skills and working on attention issues. Travel back in time through inventions!
Games of attention and concentration

Creative dominoes

An original domino game for associating colours in a different way and creating amazing figures. Develops creativity and visual-spatial intelligence. Inspired by the Waldorf Method.
A fun way of learning how much energy is provided by food, and how much energy you expend doing different activities. Find out how much energy you need! Use the scales to discover whether there is a balance between the energy of the food you eat and the energy you expend during exercise.  Also learn that not all the energy provided by foods is of the same...
Games of attention and concentration


A fun way of learning about Euro banknotes and coins with a simple association.
Skills Development Games

Autodictado sustantivos

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Association game to match 108 nouns with their corresponding image. It is available in a wide variety of languages.
Skills Development Games


A briefcase containing 216 letter cards with capitals on one side and lower case on the other. It also includes letters from the alphabets of other languages.
Skills Development Games

Photo-making words

32 photos and 88 letters to form the word represented by each photo. It also lets you create lots of other words. It can be used to form words in 11 different languages.

Calculation kit

A set of 216 cards for working with numbers and doing calculations. All the cards are in black on the front and red on the back.

Learn to multiply

100 cards printed on both sides, one with the multiplicand in blue and the multiplier in black, and on the other the result in red. The different colours allow the cards to be grouped together to work with multiplication tables.

Learn to add up

100 cards printed on both sides, with operations of elemental sums, of two addends of different colours on the obverse and the results in red on the reverse side.
Learning Games

The 5 senses

Throw the dice and match the different real-life situations with the relevant sense organ that appears on the dice.
Skills Development Games

Maxi puzzles - animals

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Set of nine large format 3-4 piece puzzles of animal silhouettes for children aged two and upwards. Made from large pieces of thick, strong, top quality cardboard.

Why does entertainment in old age matter?

Older people deserve constant attention and feel appreciated, important and, above all, active. For this last objective, specific leisure activities for the elderly are perfect. Among these activities that can be designed to provide the best quality of life to our elders, the collective activities that allow them to socialize stand out.

The participation of the elderly in recreational activities is also of enormous importance in the relational aspect; it is very important that the elderly person feels that he or she continues to belong to society as an active and valuable element of it. Sun, fresh air and good company are the right combination to promote good mood and health. In fact, it is a good idea to organize recreational activities for older people outdoors, as long as the games do not require excessive physical expense.

Fun and activity for the elderly

Recreational activities for older people can promote their physical and mental activity. Each game must be calibrated according to its physical and psychological capabilities, which serves to avoid fatigue or demotivation. In addition, the goals of these hobbies for older people should be those of socialization and entertainment, as well as prevention and delaying impairment. It is also advisable to diversify recreational activities so that older people can have the opportunity to experience new ways of having fun. In general, games and activities should encourage a serene and cheerful mood, improve older people's self-esteem and physical mobility, and avoid an overly sedentary lifestyle.

Another problem affecting the elderly is memory loss. To combat its effects, specific games have been created to promote and preserve it and, in the case of cognitive impairment pathologies, to delay its effects. The hobbies and board games specially created for the elderly are very varied, as can be seen in the catalogue here.

Other games and activities for the elderly, much appreciated by geriatric patients, may be the creation of figures with molding paste or clay. This particular activity relaxes the mood, improves concentration and triggers the imagination of older people through the development of creativity, in addition to working on motor skills.

If you are looking for children's toys, in the Akros shop you can find them organized by age: games for children from 2 years old, games for children from 3 to 6 years old and games for children from 6 to 8 years old.

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