Teaching Material

Teaching Material

In our school supplies section you will find several classroom resources to help you work more easily on some class subjects.

Whiteboards and panels for structuring ideas, calendars for organizing time, handicraft boards to work with psychomotor skills, punches for the pre-writing, adhesive strips or identifiers to keep everything tidy and our smuzi modelling paste to develop creativity.

In Akros we are manufacturers and we are very clear about the needs of schools and educational centers to work with children. Working through educational games is a guarantee of learning, as children pay more attention to games and will learn without realizing the concepts we want to teach them.

The shop in Akros has the necessary resources for the classroom so that both teachers and children can enjoy learning in a fun and effective way.


Featured products

Ergonomic awl for practising psychomotor skills. Promotes early writing skills. Suitable for left- and right-handed children.

Chopping tray with a safety frame to hold paper. Felt surface: resists wear and tear. The base of the tray prevents damage to the work area. With space to store the ergonomic awl. Includes templates to start in pre-writing.

9 magnetic bands with one adhesive side for turning any counter into a magnet.

20 bands 25 x 3 cm. Adhesive. Erasable. Flexible. Easy to cut. 100% safe . Will not form sharp edges.

Roll-up erasable metallic board. Practical and light. It allows writing and/or playing with magnetic cards.

A display panel made from very hard-wearing plasticized canvas with transparent bands. A very useful piece of equipment for daily teaching tasks.

Identify and classify according to your needs. Includes 28 identifying stickers + 25 labels.

Boards made from laminated poplar, suitable for all kinds of handicrafts. Available in packets of 10 units and in boxes of 100 units (10 packets of 10 units).

An innovative modelling clay with a unique and very pleasant texture that can be shaped and coloured. Recommended by therapists for its special characteristics: strengthens find psychomotor skills and manual dexterity. Its pleasant texture arouses feelings of calm and serenity. Includes a set of modelling tools.

A calendar with a very intuitive structure that helps young children to understand how time is organized. Its vertical deductive structure allows children to move from global to individual concepts and helps them to form a clear and schematic image of the composition of time over a year. 

A big metallic board for working in the classroom on the days of the week, the months, the year, the seasons, the time and the different activities that take place during class time.

A big metallic board for working on different times according to the sequence of everyday activities.

Specialist designed classroom resources

In Akros store you will find the resources for educators that we have created, with the best materials and the most studied designs.

Children need a motivation to learn, and when they are young, they will pay more attention to the rules of a game than to an explanation of a subject they do not understand well.

To this end, we have the most effective resources for the classroom, which make it easier for educators to work and encourage fun in learning for the youngest children.

From briefcases to store tokens and items you work with correctly, to craft boards or ergonomic writing pins that encourage children's manual skills.

Resources for educators for the classroom with special children

Our designs are oriented to all types of children, of different ages and any condition.

However, many of them are specially designed to work with children who have some kind of disorder or disability.

This is the case of the mouldable and colourable paste, which gives children a feeling of calm and serenity due to its unique and very pleasant texture. Children will be able to strengthen their manual dexterity by working with this fun play dough, and they will also develop fine psychomotor skills in a remarkable way.

The teaching techniques of educators will be greatly strengthened by the application of these techniques with the help of appropriate materials.

We offer products that are very useful at an early age for both learning to read and write. Their designs are designed to encourage the child's learning and to help special cases where they need an extra push to learn.

Resources for Parents

The resources that we make available to you can also be used at home, since teaching does not end when you leave the classroom, but children, especially the youngest ones, are in a continuous learning process that must be well coordinated between the school and the educators, with the parents.

It is very important to reinforce what you have learned with the teachers at home, this reinforcement will ensure that what you have learned and practiced in the nursery or at school is internalized in a better way and will give you more confidence and security when you return to class.

In addition, practicing the concepts proposed in the school at home will foster the bond between father and son as part of their formative education. Without a doubt, all the cases where the activities proposed in the school have been promoted later at home have offered better results.

That is why it is important to work with the educational games and educational resources that you can find in our store, using the fun board games or the specific ones like the Logo Bit Method to continue with the learning of the little ones in a fun way also at home.