Dice games are a lot of fun when played as a team. They bring the excitement of chance and they also lead the game in a different direction each time. Roll the dice and start having fun!

We have a lot of games in which the dice is the protagonist: the \Picto-dates of classic stories\" with which you will learn to form phrases with the characters of your favorite stories, the \"dice to tell stories\" with which you can let your imagination fly and surprise others with incredible stories or the \"rewritable dice\", adaptable so that you can work those aspects that interest you most: vocabulary, emotions, language, mathematics... etc. Or the \"Varied dice set\", with thousands of stickers to work on many concepts.

We have selected the best dice games for you to play in class or at home. Try them all!

Dice Games | Akros Educational
Inclusive association game for discovering primary and secondary colours. Roll the dice and complete the colour wheels with real-world photographs. It encourages inclusion in the classroom. Includes the ColorADD® graphical colour identification system for colour-blind people. If colour is for all, the game is for everyone!
Game with real-world images to recognise, accept and validate the emotions we might feel in different situations. It helps us learn that we aren't all the same and sometimes feel different emotions in the same situation. It encourages empathy and respect for emotions in oneself and in others. Roll the dice, look at a situation and share your emotions!
Sustainability and environment

Enjoy the seasons of the year!

An original association game to discover activities that are carried out in spring, summer, autumn and winter. The real images invite you to explore the seasons of the year again and again. Each season has a different coloured frame which enables you to associate it with its cards easily. Throw the dice and start playing! Enjoy your favourite season!
Diversity and culture

Discover de continents of the world!

Simple association game to travel through the continents and get familiar with their geographical location and discover the great diversity of landscapes, traditions and cultures that exist in today’s world using real images. Each continent has a different coloured frame which easily enables you to associate it with its cards. Throw the dice and start...
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Throw the dice and let your imagination run wild. Make up stories with the characters, animals, objects and actions that appear on the dice.
Skills Development Games

Rewritable dice

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Set of three rewritable dice with an erasable felt-tip pen for working on all kinds of concepts.
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A game for learning to construct sentences with up to 90 pictograms of characters from classic childrens stories. Build lots of sentences with 15 dice which, depending on their colour, represent the different elements of a sentence.
Skills Development Games

Set of assorted dice

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Contains 10 dice which can be customized with more than 100 stickers for practising basic concepts such as animals, the five senses, the emotions, numbers from 1 to 10, geometric figures, vehicles, addition and subtraction, etc.
Learning Games

The 5 senses

Throw the dice and match the different real-life situations with the relevant sense organ that appears on the dice.
Healthy Food

The healthy eating pyramid

Throw the dice and complete the pyramid with the corresponding food items, taking into account that green is for food that should be eaten often, yellow the ones which should be eaten sometimes and red is for food that should be eaten occasionally.

Working vehicles

Throw the dice and match the objects from different professions with their corresponding vehicle.

The bus: search and complete

Throw the dice and fill the corresponding bus with the passengers, matching the picture on the dice to the picture on the side of the bus.
Skills Development Games

Where do animals live?

A game of association for learning about where do animals live: on the farm, in the jungle, in the desert, at the Poles or in the sea.
Skills Development Games

Where are we in the house?

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A game of association for learning how to classify the actions associated with the different rooms in the house.
Skills Development Games

Look for the colours!

Throw the two dice and look for a card where the child is dressed in those colours. An easy game for learning colours and sharpening observation skills.
Skills Development Games

Separating and recycling

A game of association for learning to separate and classify different kinds of rubbish: organic, plastic, bottles, cans, paper, cardboard, glass, batteries, etc.

Children become familiar with the recognition of images that symbolize things or actions that they can see daily in the world around them, such as traffic signs or computer icons, and the association of these symbols with their meaning or with other similar symbols.

Games of pictodados for children

Pictograms are communicative images that express a message. It is a very popular resource for children's games and educational resources. The subject matter is varied and can be words, phrases, numbers, colors, feelings and other more specific concepts.

Pictodados are a very versatile resource that can be adapted to different communication purposes. Pictograms have the quality of immediacy. A symbol or image can be quickly understood.

The pictograms provide, with respect to digital educational media, that they are physical objects and can be touched. The textures and colors of the Akros pictodados were chosen to provide maximum sensory stimulation to the children, thanks to features such as their pleasant touch or images and photographs, which seek to maintain the interest of children as long as possible.

Use of pictodates in special education

Pictograms are useful resources for the treatment of children with special needs. Teachers and therapists will benefit from the use of this resource, which also gradually increases the complexity of play according to the needs of the educator and the child.

The communication of pictograms works in both directions: a young person with a communication problem can express himself through pictograms, but at the same time they will help him to learn to read and write and to learn more complex notions. They are ideal as a group activity in the classroom or as therapeutic reinforcement in cases of dysphasia or autism.

Its content is interesting and easy to grasp, because it is concise. They are objects that can be manipulated with the hands, easy to perceive, that offer the child the key to understanding situations and concepts. They can be used to compose stories, and enable the child to learn to discriminate and sort the information in his or her memory.

In addition to the dice and pictodados, in the online store of Akros you will find a wide variety of educational games, both for children with different needs and abilities and to spend pleasant afternoons with the family. Among others, we highlight children's bingo, memory games and classic puzzles.

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