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Discover this section dedicated to psychologists, pedagogues and psychopedagogists and Therapeutic Pedagogy teachers. Here you will find all kinds of materials and games to work with children in both educational and clinical settings.

You can develop the cognitive part of children with games that work memory, attention, observation and concentration. With our emotional and conflict resolution games you will be able to work empathy and social skills. Our games will also serve to detect emotional deficiencies or situations of abuse. The game will be the platform to communicate in their language.

Pedagogues, Psychologists and PT Teachers
Play, understand and memorise MULTIPLICATION TABLES. At your own pace, and starting from what you already know. A unique, creative, fun and proven process to gain a comprehensive understanding. With this game, you will be able to learn and memorise the multiplication tables, check them and revise them, test your knowledge, interpret and solve problems....
Skills Development Games

The challenge of multiple intelligences

Some fun challenges to develop different kinds of intelligences and understand the strengths of each individual. The game is inspired by Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences and allows the eight intelligences proposed by his model to be exercised, as well as identifying which intelligence predominates in each person. 8 intelligences:...

Selective attention dominoes

A fun dominoes game, especially suited to work on selective attention through the association of different shapes and colours. Direct your attention to one attribute of the figures, the shape or colour, to make the association. Reversible cards that enable multiple ways to play.
Skills Development Games

Tactile number cards for pre-writing

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Tactile pre-writing cards for working with numbers and different routes to pre-writing using touch to identify tactile surfaces. Inspired by the Montessori methodology.
Diversity and culture

Maxi-memory diversity and ways of living

Discover different ways of living and carrying out daily activities in the world, including going to school, getting water, playing, travelling and much more. With this memory game using real images on large cards, you will find out about how people live in other places and learn about the great diversity of today’s world. You will also develop your...
Skills Development Games

Set families of today's world puzzles (4 units)

New puzzles for learning about the diversity of present-day families. Each puzzle comprises six large pieces made from thick, sturdy cardboard. A pack of four large puzzles featuring different families from the modern world, aimed at children aged two and over.

Friends of 10

Find the monster pairs that add up to 10! A fun way to learn number bonds to 10, the basis for developing mental arithmetic with the number-based algorithm (ABN) method. A dynamic game to facilitate the rapid calculation of elementary operations.
Skills Development Games

Tactile letter cards with punctuation signs

Tactile pre-writing cards for working with letters and punctuation signs using touch to identify tactile surfaces. Includes capital and lower-case letters, differentiating in each case the vowels from the consonants. Inspired by the Montessori methodology. (Includes letters: - ç - l·l - ñ)
Skills Development Games

Tactile cards for lacing paths

Create fun routes by lacing the cards according to colour and texture. Helps to improve visual and tactile discrimination, and fine psychomotor skills. Set of 36 tactile cards and 10 ergonomic laces for linking them.
Skills Development Games

Tactile maxi-memory \"nature\"

A large-format tactile memory game with different textures featuring real images of our environment. For working on tactile discrimination, visual memory and attention through the sense of touch.  You can play both the classic and tactile memory games. Inspired by the Montessori methodology.
Skills Development Games

Tactile maxi-memory "everyday life"

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A large-format tactile memory game with different textures featuring real images of everyday life. For working on tactile discrimination, visual memory and attention through the sense of touch.  You can play both the classic and tactile memory games. Inspired by the Montessori methodology.
Skills Development Games

Tactile-visual dominoes

Large-format tactile domino game with a rough texture on both sides. Illustrated with a lot of contrast to develop visual and tactile discrimination while playing dominoes. Suitable for use by people with visual impairment. The cards, being large in size, can be handled by small children or with some kind of psychomotor difficulty.
Values education

Let’s play on equal terms!

Two-piece puzzles to promote inclusive and non-sexist development in young children, with girls and boys doing different activities equally. Starting out from the principle of equality, these puzzles contribute to transmitting values of respect and tolerance, promoting co-education from a very early age.
Values education

Self-esteem roulette

Discover your skills and strengths by playing in group! The self-esteem roulette increases the self-concept of both girls and boys in a dynamic, fun, positive and enriching way.
Skills Development Games

New technologies: balance your activities

Helps children to identify which activities they usually do and to think about how they can balance them. The aim of the game is to make children aware of the risks of doing too much of one activity so they can learn how to balance their free time with different activities.
Skills Development Games

Set of puzzles the 10 emotions

Set of 10 puzzles featuring the basic emotions that guide our behaviour, plus 10 matching icons to help identify them: happiness, self-confidence, admiration, curiosity, surprise, anger, disgust, sadness, fear and guilty. Progressive puzzles of 3, 4 and 6 pieces. Made from large pieces of thick, strong, top quality cardboard, for children aged two and...
Skills Development Games

Maxi-stamps of the 10 emotions

Set of 10 large stamps for representing and playing with the 10 basic emotions that guide our behaviour: happiness, self-confidence, admiration, curiosity, surprise, anger, disgust, sadness, fear and guilty.  Helps children to identify and express their emotions and to develop their social and emotional skills. Can be used with any ink.
Emotional Intelligence

Give life to your emotions!

The robots want to learn emotions and we are going to help them! Express basic emotions by representing them in different ways through the senses. A different way of finding out about emotions, providing a more complete view of each of them.
Skills Development Games

Put yourself in my shoes

Observe the different situations, put yourself in the shoes of the characters, and describe how they feel. This encourages the development of social skills such as empathy, the identification of emotions, and helps to develop an emotional conscience.
Skills Development Games

Learning to prevent bullying

Set of five sequences for teaching children how to prevent situations of bullying before they even happen and equipping them with the strategies to tackle it.
Values education

Anti-bullying posters

Anti-bullying posters for underlining a zero-tolerance attitude against bullying in schools and helping to prevent it. They show different situations of school bullying: physical, mental or psychological, social exclusion, trolling or cyber bullying. Designed to be hung on the wall. Posters are washable and made of high quality materials.
Skills Development Games

Resolving conflicts: at school

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This series of games consists of seven short stories which relate two different ways of resolving conflicts, showing the consequences of making a good or a bad decision.
A fun way of learning how much energy is provided by food, and how much energy you expend doing different activities. Find out how much energy you need! Use the scales to discover whether there is a balance between the energy of the food you eat and the energy you expend during exercise.  Also learn that not all the energy provided by foods is of the same...
Healthy Food

The superpowers of healthy food

Discover the "superpowers" hidden in foods and become a "superhero" of healthy eating! This game helps to promote healthy eating habits and teaches the importance of consuming a wide variety of nutritious foods. In addition, it promotes their classification according to the main nutrients they contain and the food group to which they belong. This game has...
Skills Development Games

Universal calendar

A calendar with a very intuitive structure that helps young children to understand how time is organized. Its vertical deductive structure allows children to move from global to individual concepts and helps them to form a clear and schematic image of the composition of time over a year.  It is based on the year and its seasons, travelling through months...
Skills Development Games

Maxi-sequences of daily habits

A set of five very simple sequences of four steps each with large-format photos taht allow children to learn about the basic daily habits of hygiene, independence and collaboration in household chores.
Learning Games

The 5 senses

Throw the dice and match the different real-life situations with the relevant sense organ that appears on the dice.
Skills Development Games

Funny stories from home

Game comprising 12 amusing stories which occur at home. It includes question-cards to let your imagination run wild and imagine different endings.
Skills Development Games

Linking families of the world

Set of 24 wooden figures for linking up, representing different families of the world. Children can link up their own family and play with the characters, which are also freestanding. Includes six coloured laces. 
Skills Development Games

Linking professions

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Set of 24 wooden figures for linking up, representing different professions and their related elements. Children can link each profession with its respective elements and play with the characters, which are also free-standing. Includes eight coloured laces.
Fine motor skills

Ergonomic laces for lacing (10 units)

Set of ergonomic laces for little hands to practice lacing and linking objects. The 2'5 cm tips of the laces make them easy to handle. Facilitates hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and manual dexterity. Includes 10 laces (100 cm) of different colors.
Skills Development Games

Rewritable dice

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Set of three rewritable dice with an erasable felt-tip pen for working on all kinds of concepts.

Using the game for teachers and therapists

Children with special needs have the same need to play as other children, as well as need to socialize and learn. Regardless of the disorder affecting the child, their motivation will be the same as that of other young people if they are offered the opportunity to learn with appropriate learning materials. They will encourage learning through their mechanics, textures or designs. As they are games that are shared, they allow all young people to socialize and promote integration. In the same way, positive behaviors are developed towards those with different abilities.

Educational games about emotions help young people to understand the emotions that they are experiencing, with their ups and downs, and to manage them in a healthy way. These activities will also give them the ability to recognize those of others. In the case of children with ASD, educational toys are especially useful, where each state of mind is explained by means of cards that show the disposition of the eyes, mouth, etc. on one's face. The child to understand exactly when an expression means joy or sadness, and how to act towards that person.

The development of psychomotor skills is discussed in detail in Akros products. Smuzi moulding paste allows you to train all kinds of fine motility movements, and also encourages concentration and creativity. Like building block games, and even puzzles with large pieces, the activities cover more than one facet of development other than motor skills.

Speech therapy games

Language development games, especially the Logo Bits Method, are highly sought-after products from Akros. Funny to play, these games are designed to address the language difficulties of young people with learning difficulties, or adults with language limitations. These failures in language caused by some pathology, or because those affected have another mother tongue, can lead to problems of exclusion in their environment, due to their poor pronunciation, and hinder their integration.

The Logo-bits method, for its part, consists of a series of exercises in the form of a game used to treat speech and communication pathologies. It is based on showing the patient the so-called intelligence bits, or cards with images and the sounds they represent.

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