Puzzles are a very entertaining way to work on observation, concentration and psychomotor coordination. Our puzzles are designed for children and adults of all ages to play with.

For the little ones, we have very simple and easy to assemble puzzles, ideal from two years old. From 3 years old, our cooperative puzzles can be assembled separately and then joined together to form a giant puzzle together. Observation puzzles will bring out your most detective side to search and find hidden objects.

The best puzzles are here at your disposal, put the missing piece and let the fun begin!

Puzzles | Akros Educational
Game of observation and cooperation for learning to count. Look at the fun pictures in the puzzles, find the number of birds shown on the cards and mark them with the hoop. Count them and complete the task as you play in a team with your friends. This game develops attention and concentration!

Count and complete from 1 to 10

A game for learning to count from 1 to 10 in a hands-on way. Complete the 10 puzzles, count the elements in the pictures and complete the boards with the round counters up to the indicated number. And see how to break down numbers in a visual, intuitive way. Learn to count with real pictures!

Puzzles set My inclusive school

Pack of 4 wooden ECO puzzles of 24 pieces each. Includes: the classroom, the playground, the dining room and the gymnasium. Develops manual dexterity, fine motor skills, attention and concentration. Encourages the observation of inclusive situations and fosters an attitude of respect for diversity.
Pack of 4 ECO puzzles of 15 pieces each to work on observation. Develops attention and concentration. Includes: Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs, Puss in Boots and Pinocchio. Search and find all the items on the frame in the puzzle!
Skills Development Games

Human body: what am i like?

A fun way of learning about the different parts of the human body and discovering what we’re like inside and outside.
Values education

Let’s play on equal terms!

Two-piece puzzles to promote inclusive and non-sexist development in young children, with girls and boys doing different activities equally. Starting out from the principle of equality, these puzzles contribute to transmitting values of respect and tolerance, promoting co-education from a very early age.
Skills Development Games

Set families of today's world puzzles (4 units)

New puzzles for learning about the diversity of present-day families. Each puzzle comprises six large pieces made from thick, sturdy cardboard. A pack of four large puzzles featuring different families from the modern world, aimed at children aged two and over.
Skills Development Games

Maxi puzzles - animals

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Set of nine large format 3-4 piece puzzles of animal silhouettes for children aged two and upwards. Made from large pieces of thick, strong, top quality cardboard.
Skills Development Games

Set of puzzles the 10 emotions

Set of 10 puzzles featuring the basic emotions that guide our behaviour, plus 10 matching icons to help identify them: happiness, self-confidence, admiration, curiosity, surprise, anger, disgust, sadness, fear and guilty. Progressive puzzles of 3, 4 and 6 pieces. Made from large pieces of thick, strong, top quality cardboard, for children aged two and...
Skills Development Games

Set animal puzzles (9 units)

A pack of 9 progressive jigsaw puzzles (with 3, 4 and 6 pieces) on different themes from the animal world, for children aged 2 and over. Made from thick, high quality cardboard.
Skills Development Games

Set observation puzzles - fairytales (4 units

A pack of 4 jigsaw puzzles for practising observation skills. The aim is to find the different elements on the cover picture in the jigsaw. Made from flexible, washable, hard-wearing material.

The Puzzles force us to stay focused for as long as we are working with them. It is a very effective method to work on children's coordination and concentration, improving their attention span and discovering images that can help enrich their vocabulary and knowledge.

It's a fun way to learn and spend time productively with your family, friends, school, etc.

Exercise children's minds with puzzles

Have fun playing with your children and help them exercise their minds with the children's puzzles you can buy in The Akros Shop.

Find in our shop all the puzzles you are looking for in a very simple way, as they are organized by age and level of difficulty: puzzles with large or small pieces of wood, with images of animals or fruits... Everything you can imagine you can find in our store, buy it online and receive it comfortably in your home.

The puzzles help the children to define images that they will have to form with the loose pieces. In this way they will expand their vocabulary and their knowledge of the objects represented in the images.

Discover the progressive puzzles, which have pieces designed for different ages and educational stages, to grow with children, allowing them to play for longer.

These are board games with which you can easily work the observation, because the fun does not end when all the pieces are completed, but from that moment you can play to discover the objects, colors, shapes, etc., which contains the image that represents the puzzle.

Play with your children to find the red objects that appear in the puzzle, for example, or to name each animal that is represented and enjoy with them learning and strengthening their knowledge.

Didactic puzzles for children

The games of ingenuity such as puzzles or puzzles allow children to enhance their abstraction to find logical solutions to problems. This will be very useful in your future and will help you in your daily learning.

In addition, the puzzles you will find on our website allow you to interact with them once they are finished, allowing you to work on concepts such as seasons, as well as activities and scenarios such as the farm or the city. In this way, once finished, they will allow the child to discover new words and to create stories from the fun and attractive images they contain.

There are multiple benefits to deciding to pose a puzzle to a child: one of the most important is the patience required to finish the game, so its use will relax the little ones more junk and help reduce stress when it comes to play activities.

Cheap and fun puzzles

In La tienda de Akros you will find board games at a very good price. We are manufacturers and that's why we guarantee that the quality of our products is the best on the market, so in addition to getting an economical educational game, you will be taking a toy of the best quality.

Discover everything we have to offer in our online shop and strengthen the bond with your children not only thanks to the classic puzzles: in our online shop you can also discover the benefits of playing memory, bingo or family dice.

Puzzles are board games that require a lot of effort, time and concentration, so the hours will fly by, in a way that the minds of the little ones will have to work and strive to finish them while they have fun and enjoy the game.

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