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This area is dedicated to you and all professionals related to education. Whatever your specialty in this section you will find all the games and materials you need to work on your sessions or classes.

Access the area of your specialty and discover new ways to work, strengthen and develop the skills and abilities of both children and adults.

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Inclusive association game for discovering primary and secondary colours. Roll the dice and complete the colour wheels with real-world photographs. It encourages inclusion in the classroom. Includes the ColorADD® graphical colour identification system for colour-blind people. If colour is for all, the game is for everyone!
Diversity and culture

Discover de continents of the world!

Simple association game to travel through the continents and get familiar with their geographical location and discover the great diversity of landscapes, traditions and cultures that exist in today’s world using real images. Each continent has a different coloured frame which easily enables you to associate it with its cards. Throw the dice and start...
Values education

Self-esteem roulette

Discover your skills and strengths by playing in group! The self-esteem roulette increases the self-concept of both girls and boys in a dynamic, fun, positive and enriching way.

The pre-reading roulette

Spin the roulette and search for images that start with a specific letter or phoneme, that contain that letter or phoneme, or that have a specific number of syllables! A game containing photographs to help you to mentally segment words into syllables and identify phonemes and letters in a progressive way. Phonological awareness is essential for creating a...
Skills Development Games

Macro puzzle abecedario

Make and complete the alphabet with this macro puzzle. Match the objects with their corresponding initial. A puzzle size poster is included.
Improving speech and pronunciation

Blowing adventures

Go through obstacles, direct the ball and reach your goal! Two fun scenes that help to exercise intensity, strength and directional blowing skills to develop optimum breathing patterns. You can play alone or in pairs.

Friends of 10

Find the monster pairs that add up to 10! A fun way to learn number bonds to 10, the basis for developing mental arithmetic with the number-based algorithm (ABN) method. A dynamic game to facilitate the rapid calculation of elementary operations.

Learn to multiply

100 cards printed on both sides, one with the multiplicand in blue and the multiplier in black, and on the other the result in red. The different colours allow the cards to be grouped together to work with multiplication tables.

Learn to add up

100 cards printed on both sides, with operations of elemental sums, of two addends of different colours on the obverse and the results in red on the reverse side.
Skills Development Games

Autodictado sustantivos

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Association game to match 108 nouns with their corresponding image. It is available in a wide variety of languages.
Skills Development Games

Self-learning: verbs

A game of association for matching 108 verbs with their corresponding images. Available in a wide variety of languages.
Values education

Let’s play on equal terms!

Two-piece puzzles to promote inclusive and non-sexist development in young children, with girls and boys doing different activities equally. Starting out from the principle of equality, these puzzles contribute to transmitting values of respect and tolerance, promoting co-education from a very early age.
Teaching Material

Multi-use board

A display panel made from very hard-wearing plasticized canvas with transparent bands. A very useful piece of equipment for daily teaching tasks.
Skills Development Games


A briefcase containing 216 letter cards with capitals on one side and lower case on the other. It also includes letters from the alphabets of other languages.

Calculation kit

A set of 216 cards for working with numbers and doing calculations. All the cards are in black on the front and red on the back.
Skills Development Games

Learning about food allergies and intolerances

Do we know what we’re eating? This game lets you discover the most common food, allergies and intolerances, which foods cause them, and what symptoms they can cause. Developed in collaboration with CGD-NE (General Council of Dieticians-Nutritionists of Spain). It helps to generate empathy towards fellow students with food intolerances and encourages their...
Emotional Intelligence

Give life to your emotions!

The robots want to learn emotions and we are going to help them! Express basic emotions by representing them in different ways through the senses. A different way of finding out about emotions, providing a more complete view of each of them.
Healthy Food

The superpowers of healthy food

Discover the "superpowers" hidden in foods and become a "superhero" of healthy eating! This game helps to promote healthy eating habits and teaches the importance of consuming a wide variety of nutritious foods. In addition, it promotes their classification according to the main nutrients they contain and the food group to which they belong. This game has...
Skills Development Games


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Observe, associate and learn the functional relationship between the objects.
Games of attention and concentration

Search for letters (french)

32 pictures and 88 letters to form the word represented by each picture. It also lets you create lots of other words.
Skills Development Games


A game of logical association for creating 34 pairs of cards which represent opposite concepts.
Skills Development Games

Before and after

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A game of association comprising sets of three time-sequenced photos representing before, during and after.

Benefits of gambling for patients of all ages

Medical specialists and psychologists agree on the importance of play for children's development, regardless of the presence or absence of a disability. Children are always children, their person is not reduced to the symptomatology of a disability, and play is for them a necessity through which they learn to know and relate to the world around them. Akros games, toys and school supplies are very versatile to allow any child, regardless of the pathology that affects them, or their level of maturity, to benefit from their use. Even certain geriatric patients will enjoy the benefits of certain Akros board games that train observation and memory.

Occupational therapists will benefit from Akros' educational games in helping children with developmental delays. These are games and toys that deal with different aspects in which the child needs to progress. Akros' games for occupational therapists work in a fun way with spontaneity and creativity; these are activities where children play roles in playful simulations of everyday activities. These situations, which in real life present difficulties for the child, are overcome by play and fantasy through the controlled environment of the game, improving socialization and eliminating the stress factor.

Different games for specialists of different pathologies

Children with visual or hearing disabilities can also benefit from Akros games as part of their learning. These are products made of materials and shapes that provide the child with the sensory stimulation (sounds, colors, smells, touch) necessary for their development. Children with psychomotor problems will be able to handle different sets of large, easy-to-handle pieces. On the other hand, to train the fine motor skills, the puzzles and games of blocks and lace pieces are part of the resources that Akros brings to psychotherapists.

Speech therapists can use Akros' well-known Logo Bits method for the rehabilitation of patients of any age. Rehabilitation and language development games can be used for children with learning difficulties (for example, due to the incidence of a pathology); or in adults (for example, with limited pronunciation because Spanish is not their mother tongue). Logo Bits consists of playful activities in which the patient is shown cards with an image and the transcription of the sounds of the syllables that make up the word that names it.

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