To learn we need to associate ideas, knowledge and concepts acquired in different contexts. Many cognitive processes, such as memory, thought or language, make use of associations in order to function effectively.

We can work the association with the children through activities and games that help them to understand the relationships between the different elements: at home, at work, in nature, in the city, etc.

Discover our association games for children of all ages.

Partnership Games | Akros Educartional
Inclusive association game for discovering primary and secondary colours. Roll the dice and complete the colour wheels with real-world photographs. It encourages inclusion in the classroom. Includes the ColorADD® graphical colour identification system for colour-blind people. If colour is for all, the game is for everyone!

The Geometric Shapes Challenge

Discover geometric shapes using your senses in a hands-on, creative way. Learn the shapes using action cards, tactile trails, puzzles, constructions, recognising geometric shapes in real life and large pieces to join together using the laces. Spin the wheels and learn geometric shapes through fun challenges!

Selective attention dominoes

A fun dominoes game, especially suited to work on selective attention through the association of different shapes and colours. Direct your attention to one attribute of the figures, the shape or colour, to make the association. Reversible cards that enable multiple ways to play.
Games of attention and concentration

Creative dominoes

An original domino game for associating colours in a different way and creating amazing figures. Develops creativity and visual-spatial intelligence. Inspired by the Waldorf Method.
Skills Development Games


A game of logical association for creating 34 pairs of cards which represent opposite concepts.
Skills Development Games


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Observe, associate and learn the functional relationship between the objects.


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Match the objects to their corresponding trade or profession. Discover up to 12 different jobs.
Skills Development Games

Where do animals live?

A game of association for learning about where do animals live: on the farm, in the jungle, in the desert, at the Poles or in the sea.
Skills Development Games

Where are we in the house?

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A game of association for learning how to classify the actions associated with the different rooms in the house.

Working vehicles

Throw the dice and match the objects from different professions with their corresponding vehicle.

The bus: search and complete

Throw the dice and fill the corresponding bus with the passengers, matching the picture on the dice to the picture on the side of the bus.
Skills Development Games

Look for the colours!

Throw the two dice and look for a card where the child is dressed in those colours. An easy game for learning colours and sharpening observation skills.

Learning association by playing

When we learn, we associate ideas. It produces an internal connection that expands our knowledge of reality, improves it and modifies it.

It is easier for us to consolidate certain concepts if we associate them with more basic or more everyday ones. This is something we will do throughout our lives, and it will help us to achieve success in all the objectives we set ourselves.

The association of ideas makes our brain work in a simpler way, so that all concepts are better anchored in it and we can learn a greater number of ideas without making great efforts.

Akros' partnership products train this learning based on the union of very basic knowledge, which allows the development of logical thinking.

It will be much easier for children to understand certain concepts if they are able to associate them with each other, for example knowing that gloves are for hands, to give warmth, to protect ourselves, etc., are different concepts and uses that can be given to the same object, so if we ask them to associate ideas with the cold or body parts, they can perfectly associate the gloves.

Other games help them to associate animals with the environment in which they find themselves, the trades, the different rooms of a house, etc.

There are many and very varied games that Akros offers you, and all of them are well studied, to be used by children of all types, of all ages and with any type of intellectual development or disability.

Development of logical thinking with association toys

Some children need specific reinforcement in learning the association of terms and reasoning. That's why we've designed games that fit your cognitive needs.

Children with disabilities need extra help and we can provide it through the educational games and resources you can find in our online store.

However, association games should not be left only for children with disabilities: all children, whatever their condition, will benefit from working with these kinds of resources, which will help them to enrich their vocabulary of concepts, their association of images and their knowledge of things that, although very basic, are not available or cannot be seen on a daily basis, such as a farm.

In Akros we offer great resources for teachers and parents, so that through play they can teach the little ones values, math or language but without them feeling the pressure of being in a class, but in a much more relaxed and fun environment.

The association of ideas can help children learn to dress and even learn how to behave according to their situation or where they are.

At Akros Store we have all the partnership games needed to help children learn basic concepts for their learning as well as children's board games to empower numerous resources

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