Logo-Bits Method

Logo-Bits Method

The Logo-Bits Method is a complete work method for the treatment of any difficulty or pathology related to speech and communication. Different exercises train the structures involved in speech, swallowing, breathing and chewing.

This method allows both professionals in their sessions and families at home to detect the problem, evaluate it and intervene on it.

Characteristics of the Logo-Bits Method:

 - Improves pronunciation
 - Improves reading
 - Suitable for all ages
 - Recommended by specialists
 - With real images that make learning easier
 - Suitable for home reinforcement


Featured products

These orofacial practice cards help people to adopt the correct positioning of the lips, tongue, jaw and palate, maximizing the coordination and strength of the orofacial muscles. Orofacial praxis cards are part of Myofunctional Therapy (TMF) which is especially recommended for re-educating the habits of sucking, breathing, chewing, swallowing,...

These pre-reading cards are based on a very simple concept vowels and an entertaining working system: Lecto-Bits. They help to develop the habit of reading without the need to know all the letters in the alphabet, just the vowels. The set contains five blocks with different levels of difficulty. 

These cards feature all the phonetic syllables in the alphabet to help improve recognition of letters, speed up the reading process and help to identify whether there is any anomaly in a particular phonetic group so this can subsequently be worked on with the relevant Logo-Bit cards.

Phono-articulatory training cards which include all the consonant clusters for the repetitive practice of the different consonant phonemes according to their place of articulation.

Articulation training cards for re-educating students in the correct pronunciation of consonant clusters (bl, cl, fl, gl, pl, br, cr, dr, fr, gr, pr, tr). It also includes cards with pictures and words that contain the consonant clusters being worked on for additional phonetic exercises.

Pronunciation training cards for re-educating students in the correct pronunciation of the phonemes /R/ and /RR/ by correcting rhoticism. The cards contain repetition phonemes for syllable reading.

Articulation training cards to re-educate students in how to differentiate between and properly pronounce the phonemes /S/ and /Z/, correcting any pronunciation errors. The cards contain repetition phonemes for syllable reading. Contains cards with pictures and words that contain the phonemes /S/ and /Z/ for additional phonetic exercises.

LECTO-BITS D’INITIATION A LA LECTURE PAR LES VOYELLES. Cartes d’initiation à une lecture facile par les voyelles grâce à un système d’entraînement ludique :  les «Lecto-bits ». Permet de développer l’habileté à la lecture sans la nécessité de connaître toutes les lettres de l’alphabet (seulement les voyelles).

LECTO-BITS DE SYLLABES SIMPLES POUR SOUTENIR LA PAROLE ET AMÉLIORER LA LECTURE.  Cartes contenant toutes les syllabes combinées du système phonétique français pour améliorer la reconnaissance des lettres et des sons, et pour fluidifier la tâche de lecture. 

LOGO-BITS DE CAPACITÉ ARTICULATOIRE POUR CORRIGER LA PRONONCIATION SELON LE POINT D’ARTICULATION. Cartes d’entraînement phonologique et articulatoire pour pratiquer grâce à la répétition de toutes les  différentes associations de consonnes au sein de groupes bisyllabiques, et ainsi faciliter l’obtention des points d’articulation corrects et le contrôle...

LOGO-BITS POUR BIEN PRONONCER LES GROUPES CONSONANTIQUES. Cartes d’entraînement articulatoire pour rééduquer la prononciation correcte des consonnes consonantiques (bl, cl, fl, gl, pl –  br, cr, dr, fr, gr, pr, tr, vr). 

LOGO-BITS DE DISCRIMINATION (CH/S) ET (J/Z). Cartes d’entraînement articulatoire pour rééduquer la prononciation correcte des phonèmes Ch / S et J / Z, et améliorer la discrimination auditive entre eux (CH / S) (J / Z).

Description of the Logo-Bits Method

It is a method that is mainly aimed at children up to 6 years of age and can be used from birth to even adulthood to promote different language problems.

Many kindergartens and schools use this method to help children learn the basics in a very simple way.

As we have said, this learning system is helped by some cards through which children can concentrate more easily but also stimulate and develop their brains as well as their memory and learning.

It is a fun way to exercise and work on the subjects needed for children's learning.

What is the Bits of Intelligence method?

The Logo-Bits Method is based on the intelligence bit method, a method that consists of displaying, in a structured and continuous way, units of information (images) on cards (called bits), while pronouncing aloud the word of what is represented. In this way, the Logo-Bits Method uses the cards to present the information of vowels, phonemes, symphonies, syllables or orofacial praxies (depending on the problem to be worked on) in a visual and auditory way, and for a very short period of time, which allows the person to improve in each session.

What is different about the method arouses curiosity in the children, who pay much more attention and easily learn the concepts worked on. The work that can be done with them will be able to help their cognitive development in a very remarkable way.

The Logo-Bits Method can be used at home, at school or at school to reinforce the learning and development process of the child who is working with it.

It is a question of showing the images that appear in the method's files, in an organized way and sorted by categories. At the same time that we show the card with the image we say the name of what they represent.

This is the way to stimulate both sight and hearing combined, helping the person to retain the concept more easily.

It is an effortless learning method and a very effective way to expand the knowledge you already have about anything, with new terms, new ways of naming things, classifying objects displayed on the cards, etc., and above all to expand vocabulary and develop memory.

This method also helps to work on concentration and achieves great results when it comes to caring for the youngest children, which will undoubtedly be reflected in your later years as a student.

How the Logo-Bits Method is applied

To implement this method of learning, we must face the child with all the cards in our hands, and show them to them, one by one, for short periods of time, as short as one second for each card.

As shown on the card, the name of the image on the card must be displayed.

In order to do this, we must do it following some key points that will be the ones that will achieve success:

  • Show the images with a certain logic, ordered by categories or similar concepts, being simple and clear images, avoiding those that may seem more ambiguous.
  • The image represented on the card must represent something concrete, whether it is a drawing, a photograph, a symbol or a word, the child must be able to perceive it correctly.
  • The size of the images or words represented in each card must be sufficient for all children of any age to see them correctly and without any problem, and they must be represented on a white background so that the child's attention is directed directly to the element in question.

Materials of the Logo-Bits Method

As we say, the cards used to work on this method must be organized by concepts, or they must represent images that are related to each other in some way, presenting the same characteristics or being included within the same concept of a greater range, such as fruits, vegetables, animals, etc.

Children working with this method will be able to relate objects to each other and to distinguish both how they are alike and how they differ.

In Akros you will find Logo-Bits of different types, to work in different cognitive areas.

For example, the orofacial praxis cards, which are designed to work on the position of the lips, tongue, palate and jaw, and which ensure that the coordination and strength of the entire orofacial musculature is worked correctly.

On the other hand, there are other logo bit learning cards that are developed with the sole aim of helping children learn to pronounce certain phonemes that cost more, such as "r" and"-rr".